“Roundtables provide unit leaders with the skill to do and the will to do what is needed to ensure that every member of every unit has a great Scouting experience. They build upon the foundation provided by position-specific basic training and each leader’s commitment to serving youth through Scouting.”

  • Roundtables exist to:
    • Provide information
    • Capture information
    • Offer current program training
    • Provide networking opportunities

Here are the notes from last month’s Roundtable in case you missed it:


The Sandhills District Roundtable is on the 1st Thursday of each month at 1900.

Our usual location is suddenly unavailable tonight. In true Scout fashion, we are prepared for “Plan B.”

The meetings are also available virtually on Zoom. Zoom Link

Roundtable Format:

  • Welcome / Opening
  • Hot Topics –Notes of general interest –Not program specific – of interest to all Scouters –Very brief
  • Big Rock Topic –Training topic that applies to all program areas
  • Key-3 Notes
  • Program Breakouts